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Do you like K-POP or K-DRAMAS? Are you interested in Kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented food? Do you have Korean family or friends? Then, you should find us for your Korean learning.

In 2020 Koreansk Kulturcenter have become the official danish representative of korean King Sejong Institute, the official government programme for teaching the world korean language and korean culture. This partnership is a great step forward in bringing serious education of the korean language to Denmark. 

certified language education

Learn Korean with native and certified Korean teachers

Cultural experiences

Learn Korean with cultural experiences not only language

king sejong

Learn more about the founder of the korean language hangul and the korean King Sejong institute

Korean speech contest

And the winner is...

The yearly speech contest happened on ZOOM this year due to Corona. In a cosy and friendly environment the contestants each gave their speech, under swift leadership of King Sejong Institute Copenhagens Director KyungHee Yi.

The contestants gave impressive speeches and after a short consideration the Winners were called. The overall winner of the contest was Nafisa who gave a great 3 minute speech with the topic “The beauty of language and meaning in my life”.

“과학자들은 사람이 말하는 언어가 사람의 마음을 형성한다고 말하는데. 그것이 사실이라고 생각합니다. 덴마크어는 제가 처음 배운 언어이기 때문에. 제 마음속으로 덴마크인이라고 생각합니다”

[Scientists say that the language a person speaks forms a person’s mind. I think that is true. Because danish was my primary language, I regard myself as danish even though I do not “look” danish]

Nafisa. A Hirzi

Korean Speech Contest:
Every year King Sejong Institue Copenhagen hosts a speech contest where korean learners compete for giving the best speech in korean. The contestants are grouped in different speech levels from beginner to intermediate.

There are three awards for best speech. This years prices was Iphone X and Ipad X

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