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At Koreansk Kulturcenter we are always on the lookout for the exciting cross-cultural events and happenings going on around us. Korean culture is spreading in a positive way throughout the world and we want to welcome you to be part of it.

Lighting the Darkness

Early humans harnessed fire and drove back the darkness. By bringing light to the night, they could extend the span of their activities and accelerate the development of culture. A wide range of lightening devices has since been developed. As in other parts of the globe, oil lamps and wax candles were the primary means to lighten the dark hours in traditional Korean society. They were long familiar to Koreans at night until the introduction of modern sources of illumination, such as petroleum lamps and electricity.

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“Areum Married”

The form is lo-fi and personal like a diary in the Korean Areum’s captivating film about gender roles, bodies, and femininity, with her own family life as the raw material.

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Korea’s official script is Hangeul, the unique Korean alphabet. This name, a compound of han, meaning “the Korean people” or “great” and geul, meaning “letters,” was given to it early in the 20th century. The creator of hangeul was King Sejong the Great (reigned 1418-1450), the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty.

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Korean Sauces

People in Korea say, “Food is all about sauces.” When basic foodstuffs such as meat, fish, and vegetables meet Korean sauces, unique tastes can be brought forward.

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