Course Description:
Beginner 2A is designed for those who have a Korean learning experience and can communicate in Korean at a basic level.
Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to have a simple communication on topics related to daily life.
Also, students will be able to ask and answer frequently asked questions in places such as supermarkets and restaurants.
Students will as well be able to make simple explanations about their experiences or thoughts in Korean.
The themes you will learn in this course:
Job, hobbies and celebrations
House choirs, shopping and vacation plans
Travel and visiting & good manners in a public places
Habits & Dreams
Describing Weather & locations
Requesting & my dream house

Spring Semester 2022

Start Date: 1. of february 2022
Time Slot: Tuesday 18.00 – 19.40
Tuition Fee: Standard: 2,500 DKK
PEAS: 2,230 DKK (documentation for PEAS required)
Konto Nr: 5326 0253616 Bank: Arbejdernes Landsbank
Location: Øster Farimagsgades Skole

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