Course Description:
Beginner 2B is designed for those who have a Korean learning experience and can speak their own experiences or opinions in Korean
Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to communicate about general social and abstract topics such as occupation, love, education, etc. and their own interests in the specific field. Students will be able to form their opinion in complex Korean sentences.
The themes you will learn in this course:
Talking about recent events & life in a foreign country
Invitation & determination
Cultural differences
Using public facilities, reservation and experiences
Cooking, movie&dramas and fashion
Personal characters & appreciation

Spring Semester 2022

Start Date: February 2nd 2022
Time Slot: Wednesday 18.00 – 19.40
Tuition Fee: Standard: 2,500 DKK

PEAS: 2,230 DKK (documentation for PEAS required)
Konto Nr: 5326 0253616 Bank: Arbejdernes Landsbank
Location: Øster Farimagsgades Skole

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