Teacher says: "Learning Korean is hard work - but fun!"

Our fully qualified and experienced teachers are certified
with either a doctorate or master’s degree
in Korean Studies Languages.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best
Korean language classes in Denmark.

심정민 / Sim, Jeong-Min



B.A. in Sociology 

Certified teacher of Korean as a foreign language

Work Experience

Taught Korean language subject at a Korean cram school

English & Korean language tutoring

Korean-English Translator

이경희 / Yi, Kyung-hee



Ph. D. in Korean studies

Certified teacher of Korean as a foreign language


Work Experience

Taught Korean history at a university

Taught Korean at Denmark Korea School 

Korean language tutoring 

External censor for Korean studies at UCPH


Lisa Johansen Andersen



My First dance class: Esbjerg Ungdomsskolen

2015 : Girly style

Odense Street Style Studio

2017- 2018 : Hiphop, modern Oure Højskole Intensiv Danselinje

2018-2019 : Ballet,Modern, Graham, Hiphop-(Oure højskole trip to Germany: Performing and taking dance classes: Afro, Graham/Contemporary + 1 pole dance class)

Flow Dance Academy Cph & Paris

2019-2020 – Cph 4 months + ending show, Paris 9 months (all the styles from hiphop, like popping, locking, breaking, house, waacking, Dancehall, Afrohouse).+(Flow in your soul Paris 1 week intensive dance classes)

Extra classes and workshops

(New York Broadway dance center: 1 hiphop class in 2017)
(Mathilde Veje dance workshop at Urban Artz studio 2018)
(Dance classes with Aaron Le at Urban Artz studio 2018)
(KNS Workshop with Hari and Artit at KNS Studio Odense – Hiphop Commercial
and La style)
(Event Beats&Bounce by Clash Cph Game: Workshops in Copenhagen 2020 –
Waacking & Vogue Femme with Maji Claire)
(Event Beats&Bounce by Clash Cph Game: Workshops in Copenhagen 2020 –
“These shapes are made for dancing”, Popping/Tutting with Steen Koerner.)
(Dance class in Paris – Contemporary with Zack Benitez)
(Copenhagen Kimchi festival 2019, joined the
Breakdance workshop with South Korean breakdance crew – The Drifterz Crew)
Dance battles:
Odense Hc andersen all style dance battle & All style Dance battle Havnekultur
festival, Copenhagen Game havnekultur festival, Clash Cph Dance battle, Flow
Dance Academy Nord møder Vest battle.

Yoonjoo (Olivia) Jang


Academic ability 

Dankook Univ. Film & Drama Graduated (Musical Bachelor)


2014 Musical ‘Fiddler on the roof’ (Daegu, Korea)

2014 Concert ‘The music of the night’ (Seoul, Korea)

2014 TV Concert ‘Eternal masterpiece’ (Seoul, Korea)

2015 Musical ‘HARU’ (Tokyo, Japan)

2016 Musical ‘42nd’ street’ (Seoul, Korea)

2017 Musical ‘The nut cracker’ (Seoul, Korea)2017 TV Open Concert (Seoul, Korea)

2017-2018 K-pop/pop instructor (Goyang, Korea)

2018-2020 Voice acting school singing instructor (Seoul, Korea)

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